Game and Sweepstakes Pieces

Do you have "The Winning Ticket"?

RayPress can help you produce high quality game pieces and sweepstakes cards quickly and economically. 

Need 500,000 in a hurry? Need to ship to multiple locations? Need secure storage of inventory? Then RayPress is the winning ticket.  Read More...

Art Built for Flexography

Printing in the flexographic environment requires that artwork be created within certain specifications that are different than that of other printing environments. If you are not familiar with flexography, please contact us to learn more or Read more...

Child Safety ID Cards

June is National Safety Month. Prepare today with Child Safety ID Cards. Read more...

RayPress Product Group

A leader among label printing companies in the southeast since 1973, RayPress can create the labels you want, when you need them.

RayPress Corporation has operated with a clear focus on service and innovation since opening in Birmingham, Alabama in 1973. Our purpose has always been to create the labels, coupons and promotional products you want - in the time frame you need them. RayPress was one of the first companies to develop a method for producing "extended content booklet labels", and we still maintain an expertise in space-saving label products. In 1986, RayPress (then "Ray Label") merged with Zeigler-Ray Printing Co. to add offset printing products to the lineup. That merger - along with extensive capital investments in flexographic presses and supporting equipment - have kept us ahead of the curve in new product development.

RayPress employees are challenged to excel in their work, provided with extensive on-the-job training, and established as long term partners in the business. This environment has lead to the technical creativity and quick response times you can expect from us today.


RayPress not only has the expertise to produce your labels, we also have the expertise in label applicators as well.

Recently a large bottling company wanted to apply extended content coupon labels to cases of shrink-wrapped bottled water in three separate facilities, located in two states. These labels were thick – a 32-inch-long strip of paper folded 8 times, printed with 16 coupons. Due to the size, the labels had a tendency to pre-dispense. Many of the labels were being wasted, and many were poorly applied, looking unsightly and unprofessional.
RayPress was able to provide a solution for this customer with the lease of three Label-Aire applicators from RayPress. These applicators were calibrated to apply the labels with minimal waste. Thanks to the applicator’s small footprint (4’x4’), the customer was able to install it into the existing production line. RayPress engineers assisted in the installation of the applicators, and then trained employees in each facility on using the applicator.